Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally letting it out

I have never told the whole story of my small life attempt until today i sent a letter to my aunt who made her own life attempt hoping that somehow this would help.
so not much has really happened. but Daniel refuses to talk to me for some reason all he says is hi and do u have my ticket? UGH lol idc anymore
I went to a party last friday which was amazingly fun lol!!
this is an article i found on someone's blog (the almost daily exploits of me) and you should read it defineatly. long i know but worth it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey there so i kind of left you hanging as to why me and daniel broke up......
He wanted a serious relationship and i didn't i mean for God's sake i'm only 15 i understand that he's 3 years older than me but these three years apparently make a difference. Let me also get something straight HE broke up with ME he didn't think it could be saved which of course i agreed with but i was happy with just living in the now and not really caring but hey whatever floats your boat i guess...........oh well! he isn't doing very well emotionally he sent a wall post to his friend and said that he still wasn't really hapy yet but i have a feeling he'll cope!
so there is this guy who has a thing for me at school and his name's Josh but he is a total PERV he is a senior who always looks at my boobs when he talks to me EW!! and on top of all that he's not even good looking! WTF! So today he says "ya know we can't date" i said "never even crossed my mind *insert eye roll here*" and he says "well thats good cuz i always date daniel's exes and it never goes well so.." and here is where i attempt to show him all my distaste for the idea of dating him by every means necessary cept' for telling him haha!!
wellllll.......gtg I shall go and update my website with most likely this blog!
Much love
keep writting
Lord Cassifrass!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short Post

1. This will be a short post seeing as i have to do 2 section assessments UGH lol

2. I am no longer going out with my boyfriend
it was kind of a mutual thing and its also a long story and i don't have time now
but i have to blog about the preliminaries haha
he wanted a serious relationship and i definately do NOT so he decided it would be best to end it and i kind of agree.
so ttyl
much love
keep writting
P.S i wrote a new poem i'll be posting soon!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

havn't written in foev!!!!!

sooooo i havn't written in foev!! lol so let me catch you up!
this weekend my boyfriend went to the seminary and for those of you who don't know that is preist school!!!! my BOYFRIEND was at preist school!!! he thinks he might be being "called" to be a
really not much has happened cept for what i just told you
and i'm IMing
and downloading music so i'll ttyl!

Monday, March 23, 2009

If you got this txt you know what i mean

here's 2 sorry but i've run out of time

jelousy is an ugly head

My boyfriends Ex (allison) has decided to lie to him to get him to break up with me. she told him that she knows i'm cheating on him....which is totally not true!!! she is a horrible person like not just for this i rele just don't like her. lol
anyway so today i wrote my friend a note totally in spanish a big note too!! :D i love spanish lol only problem was she didn't understand the note haha she's even in spanish class w/ me ^^.
There was a headline close to my home town of woman,50, in critical condition after carjacking and there was a video attached if you'd like to view it here is the link

I'm going to start something new just to spice up my blog called the top 5 stories of the week now there won't be like the most important stories but those i find to be most vital or something like taht (in othere words the interesting ones lol)
so i'll be posting that within the hour

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fire in Crystal

In Crystal city(my hometown) i was driving by and Jades garden was on fire and here are the pictures i took:
No one got hurt but the flames were flaring for a long time and it took four ladder trucks to put it out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


i went to try out for the play and i didn't get ANY part but thats ok i suppose! i'm going to do tech so thats good at least i have something to do!! daniel became grounded because of grades so we won't be doing anything for a while lol haha! he's still talking about going to that seminary seminar thing UGH!
I worked at my schools autction waitressing and it was fun but i was there from 4 -11 PM and UGh i was soo tired and i only got one tip of $1 UGH UGH oh well i still got service hours for school so tahts good i spose!!

thats really all to say

Much love
keep writting

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the up and up (punn intended)'ll see

so last night Daniel came over and i was taking a nap next to him and he says "ya know whats weird is that its impossible to tell if a girl is turned on but its really obvious with a guy and never mind that its totally unrealated well.....(eyes away) not totally unrealated...." OMG lol yes he had become turned on by me taking a NAP!!! lol on v-day when we made out nada but i take a nap and POOF! lol
later today i'm trying out for my school play and i'm nervous!!! idk if i'll make it!! pray for me lol
much love
keep writting

Sunday, March 08, 2009

my weekend again lol

SOO on Thursday first hour like i said i hurt my leg and i didn't go to school on friday and it was soo boring!! lol saturday i went to daniels play and (yes he acts but he has a tendency to over act lol don't tell him) and he was in the dinner party and it was really good!! Today NOTHING! lol this weekend my mom was on a CHRP reatreat and I cleaned the entire time she was gone for a very long time lol! i am slightly OCD lmao!! So thats really all the shallow stuff lol check out the sister blog u know where it is!
much love
keep writting

Friday, March 06, 2009


Yesterday during health my friend was stretching me and my leg made a horrible horrible sound like paper tearing and someone grinding their teeth. long story short i went to the ER and i have a strained muscle and i'm in this imobilizer thing and it SUCKS cuz now i can't go to my friends b-day party =[ sadness! anyhoodle not much else is going on just that and my week has been pretty boring lol but i'm going to start a blog called random daily religious thoughts or something like that and it shall be wonderful!!
much love
keep writting

Monday, March 02, 2009

blown out of proportion

there is a story on Yahoo! ( and it is about rachael ray taking some racy photos and endorsing dunkin donuts (no not in the same time get ur mind out of the gutter lol) and people are acting like she raped a little kid! She simply wanted to make a statement!!! GOOD LORD PEOPLE! lol now that my soap box is done:
Today is me and daniel's 2 month anniversary and that may not seem like a long time and its not but for him its a bit of a big deal. Allow me to explain he has had a few failed relationships (hes been dumped 3 times) and they have hit the 2 month mark then flown down the john sooo he has decided to be intrepid with me (intrepid is the word of the day) and give it the ol' college try lol so i hope that all works out well.
i started a new group on yahoo called no ad blogging and what that means is that you can't just soley post ads like "buy this today!!" its people talking about their lives if you want to join go to and there you go!!
well i have to go i'm at school (but its over so i'm not being illegal =] and my madre is here to ttyl!!
much love
keep writting

Friday, February 27, 2009

my weekend

this weekend has family involved!! eek! lol
im going to my neice's baptism on sunday and i'm taking my boyfriend to meet them! o dear worried! lol idk what to think about that. i just watched the movie nick and nora's infinate playlist and it was the most amazing thing EVER!! lol it was a realy funny movie and yes i know i spealt really wrong but i'm to lazy to fix it lol! soooo saturday i'm not doing anything and i don't want to just have daniel come over like i always do but i'm broke so thats probably whats going to happen. UGH i can't wait until i get a job which idk if thats even going 2 happen cuz they said that they'd call me this week and they didn't soo i may be SOL! ( i gave up cussing for lent) i'm going to call them next week.
thats all i gotta say so ttyl!!
much love
keep writing
P.S. NO ME GUSTA SENORA HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am slightly less pissed

ok so the ass like bf just came over and i told him just how pissed i was and he apologized and he feels bad and all that jazz so idk......THEN i got some interesting info from him....he has decided to attend a seminar on priesthood. yeah priesthood as in celebacy as in no girlfriend as in no ME as in that would SUCK!!!! sooo i hope the seminar is horrible and he changes his mind! its in april so when april comes around ya'll shall be getting a post of slight worry.
on a very exciting note i was nominated for the National YOuth Leadership Forum on Medicine which is a thing that pretty much trains you to become pre-med in a few years and its in CHICAGO!!! funess right
well ttyl i'm gunna go apply for scholarships cuz its $2350 ish

i am slightly pissed!!

right now i am not very happy with a certain boyfriend of mine....ok first a short story...a long time ago (couple years) i was very depressed and cut my wrists.....moving on...daniel also got a speeding ticket if i didn't tell you before and i was like why do you have a need for speed and he said that "i was speeding away from the sharp object on the ground i didn't want you to stop and pick it up"!!!!!?!?!??!???!??!!! @#$!#$@ anyhoo that definately rubbed me the wrong way! u shouldn't joke about my life attempt!!! I am going to talk about it later but i thinki have conveyed my madness at him! am i wrong in being pissed? cuz i am and not just that it makes me think that he doesn't see it as a big thing even though it was to me and still is and no one really takes it seriously.

sorry no love today
keep writting

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok so i have finally found a job that is hiring at Pony Bird and they said they are hiring for summer sooo tomorrow after school i am driving there and then going to apply for a job that is actually HIRING!!!!!!!!! i need the money!!!!!! so on a lighter and kinda funny note...

Today on the way to school i was in the car with Daniel as usual and he usually speeds i'm not gunna lie but this time he got caught and for the first time too! so the officer asks ya know "license and registration" and he finds his license but can't find his registration so there is his first ticket the second one he got was for going 50 in a 40 and we can't find how much he has to pay lol!! so today was his first and second ever tickets!!! i shall never let him forget lol ^^

Saturday i get to meet my onie-chan's new boyfriend and i hear from her that he's cute but not very athletically inclined and the problem with that is we are going to the park to play soccer/basketball and he doesn't know this yet so we'll see how that goes and my friend molly whom i havn't seen in a long time is coming to she's bringing the balls since i couldnt' find any that weren't flat (yes i know "that's what she said").

i'm actually going to go check my bebo for the first time in forever lol!!

much love
keep writing!

Monday, February 16, 2009


#1 Wolf Song
Sing your song

of euphoria and pain

of day and night

and wind and rain all the while head upturned

I want to be like you

care free and singing

wolf song help me


#2 Give up!

I give

up when's it

gonna happen OK

I give in when's

it gonna end

this happiness

Can't last forever

or can it?

Life in question (sorry this will b LONG)

So let me start by saying that my Valentines day was amazing. The details will be posted later but right now lets get deep! First of all I am officially an optimist! today at life teen the focus was "what if Jesus weren't God?" And i have never really thought about it at all. if Jesus wasn't God then i wouldn't be here and you reading this might not be either. Let me elaborate. For me my parents had been trying to have a baby for six and a half years and they were ready to adopt but my dad suggested they pray about it first then they did and mom came to realize that she was 5 months pregnent with me. What does this have to do with Jesus? EVERYTHING! If he hadn't come to be with us two thousand years ago we wouldn't really know to pray for anything so there is the sobering thought of the day!

So next thing, I have a very odd situation on my hands. My boyfriend is asleep in my bed and i'm on the couch. Before you assume what happened let me explain what REALLY happened He is really depressed and he just didn't want to go home (sorry but i don't think i should post details right now.) long story short as i said he's really depressed and probbably shouldn't be alone right now and i'm worried about him.

Happier note!! i have found the lap top i think i'm going to buy with the upcoming summer job money! provided i can get a job in the first place! no one is hiring and its really really discouraging but i don't technically need money so i guess its not that big of a deal but i do NEED a lap top so idk what to do lol anyway...........

OK so my valentines day.....First we went to the zoo (cute right ) and then to the art museam cuz i love love love the modern art there i don't remember the name of my favorite peice but i'll post the pic later. then to dinner at Helen Fitzgeralds which was wonderful then to the mall which was fun i convinced him to try on skinny jeans and he looked so CUTE!! ;]) lol the deal was that if he tried those on i had to try on a mini skirt. now he didn't pick it out but i held it up and said THIS? and he was like ummm YA lol so there was that. then back to my house in which u shall be spared of details lol ;0.
much love
Keep writting

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hey everyone! Happy Valentines day!! The holiday that no one really likes lol! today i'm going to Forest park to take pics (which will later appear on my blog). and then to dinner! but first they didnt' cut my bf's hair last night sooo i get to straghten it!!!!! yay happy day! i'll post pictures lol. sooo (and i know what your responce will be) 2 nights ago my bf told me he loves me! =] happy stuff right! my last bf told me he loved me but i didn't love him so i tried with all of my might not to say "aww what a drag dude" lol no i would NEVER say that!
I don't remember if i said this but i applied for a job at movie gallery! i hope i get it cuz i NEED a lap top and when i say need i MEAN need for school and stuff like that! the one i found is only $400 so i should b able to get that by the end of the summer!! at $7/ hour PT. I also got a photo bucket! i love it its so cool to put my pics on so my friends can look at em and they show up on google!

well thats all for now
ttfn ta ta for now
Much love
keep writting

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Cause

How cool is it that a large company like this would work like this to help a worthy cause.

P.S. I found this on a blog i follow la petite demoiselle.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not much has really happened this week but i'll say all i can. umm. daniel is here right now and he keeps looking over my shoulder like right now. lol he and verena are playing need for speed and doing quite well.........i have a new post on my picture blog please check it out and let me know what you think! thnx for reading!!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some random things about myself

please copy and paste this and do it yourself!

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY1. cass 2.cassie 3. picasso (don't ask)
THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU1. Hieghts2. Bugs3. when certain boyfriends jump from somewhere and scare the crap out of me!!!!!
THREE BAD HABITS1. cursing2. biting my nails. 3.popping my joints
THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS1.cell phone 2. blog 3. e-mail
THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW1. pants 2. shirt 3. another shirt
THREE OF YOUR FAVOURITE BANDS OR ARTISTS1. Family force 5 2. Ludo 3. building rome THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS1. mercy-duffy2. Shut Up and Let Me Go by the Ting Tings3. love addict by family force 5
THREE JOBS YOU'RE CONSIDERING 1. movie gallery2. medicine3. culinary arts
THREE FAVORITE COOKIES1. Chocolate Chip2. Peanut Butter3. Oreo's
THREE FAVORITE DRINKS1. Water2. strawberry daquri (virgin :[) 3. diet coke
THREE BEST FRIENDS1. Kirsten 2. Alex 3.nicole
THREE PLACES YOU'VE BEEN1. a 2. whole lot of 3. nowhere
THREE BOOKS YOU'VE READ1. Twilight Series2. peeps 3. the uglies saga
THREE FAVORITE TV SHOWS1. That 70's Show2. Scrubs3. medium
THREE RANDOM THINGS1. i♥oranges 2. ...dirty mouth? clean it up with orbit...3. hola chico!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentines day....etc

Yesterday after school i went to my friend alex's house and we went bike riding in the park and thus is the basis of my new blog called on god's colorful earth and it showcases all of my wonderful nature pics. then we went to her aunts house which isn't real big but is really modern and gorgeous it had a purple spiral staircase and we went in their hot tub!!! fun stuff my first time in a hot tub lol sad i know but still fun. the next day we went riding in the park again so here we are now.

for valentines day this year i have been informed that i'm going ice skating! =] how cute is that then he's taking me to dinner. =] =] lol

on the 13th i might be going to a party i was invited to "anti v-day party" lol at a seniors house...well then lol

today i got 3 fish named Kyoke, eichornchen(i-shan-shin), and Tzipora (zi-pora). Kyoke is big with a pretyt tail with blue flecks in it but mostly orange and two day-glo orange ones eichhornchen and Tzipora.
i ♥ my fish! lol

well i don't have much else to say so peace out!
much love
keep writing

doesn't this look delicious?

This is the delicious water from West City park in festus from the spicket and its dusgusting

This is the water not settled and next to regular water.....YUMMY

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


ok so let me apologize for the small freakout a couple of blogs ago. well i talked to him and my fears have definately subsided! i feel really stupid lol. one thing i may not have mentioned about him was that he's 18 and hes going to college next year so i wanna hold on to him as long as possible lol.

happier note! my friend who i went to see marley and me with is a cheerleader. (side note: i quit cheerleading i'll explain later) and she is cheering at a game at pius tomorrow and i get to see her cheer i've never seen her cuz she goes to desoto. so yay!!!

tomorrow (during medival days at school) we are playing the game plexi glass which is a peice of plexi glass covered in cool whip and we have to lick it off faster than the other person. how hilarious is that!?! i've never heard of anything like that before........

ok so why i quit cheerleading....1. bad grades cuz i didn't have time for homework
2. the coaches are so horrible!!! we would practice a brand new stunt 1 hour before the game and then do it and it is so dangerous cuz one..a few times we dropped the girl in front of everybody.
3. they let karissa stunt with a hurt elbow and they should've told her not to not asked her if she could!!!!!
4. i wasn't really enjoying it anymore..there was just soooo much of it!!!!!!

well thats all i have to say so
much love
keep writing

Sunday, February 01, 2009

marley and me

Yesterday i went to the movies with my friend kirsten who is like my best friend and we saw marley and me...i didn't think it was going to be that good but it was really good and i cried so much at the end lol kirsten was laughing at me

ok so sypnosis of the movie:

It goes through the life of marley (named after bob marley) and his family (owen wilson and jennifer anniston) and it was an amazing movie you really felt as if wilson and anniston were married and really going through everything in this movie!

GO SEE IT! (bring tissues!!!)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

i want input on this one :-l

Ok here is my predicament so my boyfriend has a hairy past with his ex whom he has gone out with twice and often when we talk he tells me about how allison his ex did this too or he did this with allison or for v-day he got her this...and when someone asked him if he would go out with her again he said obviously not now...Do you think he still has feelings for her? cuz she broke up with im both times...I'm going to ask him next time i get the chance but i want to get input first. if he still likes her i am swearing off guys cuz every guy that i have gone out with has been a horn dog,freak,or bastard but this time i think it might be different and he has make me believe in guys again because i must have some God awful taste in guys...i'm really worried!

please comment i need help...why would he always talk about her if he didn't still like her. and he never says that he doesn't like her anymore he just says that he can't go back out with her now...are my worries legit or not?

thanks and i love you

Friday, January 30, 2009

Life lately

i have learned that not having internet SUCKS lol we didn't have it for a while and i couldn't blog or check e-mail or nothing!!
lol anyway i digress

ok so my schedule has been really hectic lately i am barely ever home but this week i didn't have any cheerleading at all so that was really nice. next year i am NOT cheering i just don't have time but maybe i'll do tech crew that would be fun lots of my friends do that too! a +!

So i hadn't seen daniel in 1 week because he went on the pro life trip and then it snowed so i didn't get to see him! =[ how very sad! lol

so he came over last night and it was fun we went out for chinese and i havn't had chinese in SOOO long!!! how sad

i'll blog more later but right now i have to go

love you all

Friday, January 23, 2009

at school

hey everyone!

I am at school right now and i'm supposed to be researching but i don't need to so idk what to do lol i figured i'd blog! i am today setting up a photobucket account so i can show you all of my cool pics and icons and stuff like that that i find i'll send the link on here later!

I am so starving right now but lunch isn't until 12:34 today UGH! but its pizza so yum i guess lol they order dominoes so YUM!

well i have to go nm else to say

keep writing
much love

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hilarious Joke

Ok so i'm sorry if this isn't funny but it seems funny to me lol:

There is a man who is walking onto a plane he has behind him 6 children a woman says to him "aww are those your children?"
He replies" no i work for trojan and these are customer complaints."

LMAO i love it how funny is that!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sorry i havn't written in a while but i havn't had time! let me tell you about my week starting Tuesday!

On tuesday i had a game and didn't get home from school at 9 never going home in between i also did the same that thursday and Friday!! UGH! i am so tired right now!

Last Saturday i spent the night at my friend Alex's house and we played cherades and Wii and stuff like that lol nerds i know! but idc lol! Then after that i went to the bowling alley to watch daniel bowl and then to the wal-mart parking lot to think of where to go. So daniel started just driving up 61-67 and we decided to go to the mall! I convinced Daniel to go to spencer's by promising him we wouldn't go to the back of the store but we did anyway cuz it seemed safe cuz of the cute hats and stuff but NOO! i found penis lollypops! nice right veryyyyy odd! lol my favorite was the can condoms....first let me explain that do you know those can holders the keep your hands warm and the drink cold..well they had some that looked like condoms roll on and off lol! i wanted to buy some but they were like $10. but i did have a gift card to forever 21 but we went to the one mall in the entire world that doesn't have a forever 21 lol! oh well i'm going to go look for a coat on their website later....anway after taht we went to lifeteen and then daniel's friend danny called and said that his girlfriend who is prego was bleeding a lot and they were in the ER so we went up there to visit them THEN he went back to life teen then took me home!
Then Monday we drove to Illinois to pick up his dad then to cape to drop his sister off and dinner then HOME!! This weekend i want to do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
on that note off to forever 21 i go!!
keep writing
much love
P.S this week daniel is on a pro-life trip so i won't see him till monday =[ *i'll miss you!*

Monday, January 12, 2009

with a pen

With a pen
In my hand
I am alive.
With you by
My side I
Am alive!
On paper my problems
Mean nothing
I am timid
I am quiet
I am reserved
I am labeled


Ok the last time i wrote was Friday so here we go..
Saturday: I went to a dance with Daniel for LifeTeen and it was so much fun! There was lots of loud music which is always awesome lol of then i went outside with nicole cuz it was like sweltering inside and we played on the playground lol ^^ it was fun we sang Nirvana. Then we came back to the house and verena came home and daniel didn't leave till like 12 ish ^^
Sunday: at 12 I went to watch daniel bowl then we went to life teen mass again then life night but before that i met his friend Danny and Danny's girlfriend Jaquline (<--Cant spell it) they are soo much fun. we were going to go see the movie the unborn but mass got out too late and we wouldn't have made it but thats ok cuz i heard it was stupid by some ppl today! Then after life night we had time till i had to be home so we parked in the dentist office lot and talked (yes we did! get ur mind out of the gutter lol) and then went home......


Yes for all those obama supporters he does have some good attributes such as : gay rights, his foreign policy, economic matters, and things like that but this is just the breaking point. If you don't know what partial birth abortion is here are some pics for you.

In case you can see whats going on in picture #2 the doctor is placeing a hole at the base of the skull and the brain will be removed through a tube and the baby is alive,can feel pain, and is about 6-8 months old in there......WE CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE!!
ok so after that PSA lol sorry had a moment well i wrote a new poem and will post it just above this one
keep writing
much love

Friday, January 09, 2009

The past two days

The first cheerleading basketball game was very good the Varsity team won! 49-40! i have pics but they arn't on the computer yet sorry! anyway the past two days were farely uneventful but this weekend is quite eventful. i am going to hang out with daniel sometime after 12 and then to a dance with him. Then sunday guess who i'm with ;D daniel is bowling with his league and then we're going to lifeteen then life night then nothing exciting but the next week i have a game, practice, and then another 2 games! UGH! pray for me lol! we are starting to stunt more in cheerleading now which is really good.

We are having a 'think pink' game that benifits breast cancer research so if you are in the area its at my school at 7 tickets are 3 for adults and 1 for students!

Well thats all the excitement in my life so i'll blog later probably not til monday but i'll ttyl

Keep writing
much love

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Better for you...

i think i've found someone
something seems to happen
but this time its different
this time i'll make it different
i won't hurt you
like others before you
i won't break you're heart
i'll be better
for you

amazingly...happy =]

Hey everyone! my day today was wonderful actually! I started with religion and that class is really easy! but i have homework in it that i forgot about and left it there! oops but thats ok cuz i can do it in homeroom lol! After school however daniel came over and....wait i'm getting ahead of myself! After school daniel picked me up in his car and we drove to the top of this hill with a beautiful sunset and the lights of the whole city and he asked me to go out with him so i believe i can officially say he's my boyfriend =] happy day! anway continuing on after school daniel came over and he was really tired cuz he only had 2 hours of sleep last night! poor thing! and we watched scrubs on the couch!

i just realized that all i talk about is daniel so here goes more info! lol! in case i didn't say anything about it i am a cheerleader and i have two games this week one tomorrow and one on friday the one tomorrow is girls and friday is boys yeah we cheer for the girls weird right?!? well i thought i'll try to post pictures if my 'rents' take any....we are doing a really cool lift too that game so maybe i can get a pic of that too! GO LANCERS!

Wellllll....all i can say is check out my new blog and.....
keep writing
much love

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

=] =] =] =]!! cont'd

ok so back from dinner.......
since i last posted I have started a new blog at called blogging with a purpose which i hope goes over well because i have been looking for a blog like this for a while and i figured huh why not make one!
so continuing the last post i wrote daniel and me walked out to his car and i gave him a small kiss goodbye but he really kissed me after that and i to be honest didn't think he was gunna b a good kisser but umm i was wrong! very wrong lol! and he just makes me soo happy all the time! with my last three romantic involvements (they were'nt all relationshi's lol) i felt with one good wen i was with him but bad when i was away about him and the reverse for the other two. but with daniel i feel great about him both times! i think this could go well! my first enjoyable boyfriend lol!
well i'm going to facebook now

=] =] =] =] =]!!

ok the reason fro all the smiley faces is that i actually did kiss daniel this time and he made his status on facebook like ecstatic lol! it was actually and here it is copy and pasted: Daniel is baffled in happy wonder!. and then a few minutes later changed it to : Daniel wondering how today could tht easily get better than yesterday. but he's definately not complaining.! i am a very excited girl! i shall write a new poem tonight and hopefully it will be more cheerful than some of mine lol! i'll post it ASAP! dinners ready i'll post later
keep writing
much love

Monday, January 05, 2009

"bowling" with Germans.......impatient Germans

Hey everybody!!! Yesterday my i don't know what to call him.....came over and he took me and V to the bowling alley and we thought WE would be bowling with him. Then in the car on the way there he told us that he was in a league and we'd watch him bowl. I was ok with that i'm a patient person but V is NOT! she was P****D beyond belief cuz she really didn't wanna wait for him to finish bowling.! SO we went across the street, no the HIGHWAY to shop n' save so she could get a rockstar energy drink! she was convinced that we were going to die lol! so anyway after that we came back to the bowling alley and they were almost done so i was like ok she'll be fine now.....NOPE she was still seething! =] but she's over it now cuz we went to bread co which cooled the anger. Then we went to LifeTeen mass and LifeNight which was fun! (look it up! lol)and i am now going to a dance this Saturday with Daniel (the guy i've been talking about for a while lol i say his name cuz he isn't quite my Boyfriend yet UGH IDK) and anyway that should be fun and like i was attempting to say earlier before my ADD kicked in haha =] after LifeNight he came back to my house and we watched a movie in my room and pretty much just cuddled on my bed until 11pm haha! and later V told me that he told her that he tried to kiss me but i didn't want to. Ok first of all not true i was TIRED and very UNOBSERVANT so there ya go! if he wanted to kiss me he should've just KISSED me and wa la! lol so enough of my rambling lol! sorry no new poems yet but i'm working on a song if i figure out how i'll post an audio clip.
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Friday, January 02, 2009

cool pic i found on a random blog

a hopefully shorter post.......sorry lol

ok so i apologize for the really really long post but when i'm tired i babble really bad obviously lol
this is me and the below mentioned guy in his car...............------------------------>

Tonight i went on a date with the below mentioned guy and we saw bedtime stories. it was really good....AND in the car on the way home he asked me to go out with him! happy stuff right! ok so then we went to our friends house and we played texas hold em' and I WON!!! i was so excited i won with a pair of two's lol funny stuff right and everyone! was all in hahahah ahh the stuff dreams are made of lol jk

my official family movie pic is bedtime stories Adam sandler is really funny but not in his usual crude element so he, as you can tell, is REALLY holding back but overall everyone's performance was really good.
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

can't sleep!!

ok so its like 3 AM and i can't sleep i dunno why i just can't which sucks cuz i'm really tired and for some reason i can't fall asleep....AND i have to wake up at eight o' clock to go to church at eight thirty which isn't that big of a deal but now i don't think i'll be able to sleep at all! ugh! ok so this is pretty much how my new years went down...right now i'm at my friend julia's and i'm trying to sleep (for the past 2 or 3 hours) and we watched the ball drop as usual while the "adults" went downstairs played texas hold em' and got rip roaring drunk i assume lol seeing as many of them came up carrying multiple glasses lol....hmm. anyway so first this morning i woke up at 8 ish because we had to take V to b-ball at nine thirty ish and that gave me enough time to do what i needed to do. then i went at twelve to my friend Alex's house where we pretty much hung out and played mario kart (and I WON ONE!! i never win!!) until four when we went to go see yes,man. that was such a good movie, in case you didn't know(all three of my readers whom i thank for reading) its about a guy who has pledged to say yes to everythign or he believes that terrible things will keep happening so...there are many hilarious senarios and he ends up in bed with someone who has to put her teeth in a jar.....i shudder in recolection lol....and all in all its a good movie.....well hope you had a good new years...I'd love to hear about it! o FYI about that "friend" of mine whom i was told has a certain interest i me called today to ask me out to the movies but i wasn't home!! how sad!! my mom told me....kinda embarassing for him to tell her but oh well at least she told me even though he told her not to lol...♥ her for that lol....
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