Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentines day....etc

Yesterday after school i went to my friend alex's house and we went bike riding in the park and thus is the basis of my new blog called on god's colorful earth and it showcases all of my wonderful nature pics. then we went to her aunts house which isn't real big but is really modern and gorgeous it had a purple spiral staircase and we went in their hot tub!!! fun stuff my first time in a hot tub lol sad i know but still fun. the next day we went riding in the park again so here we are now.

for valentines day this year i have been informed that i'm going ice skating! =] how cute is that then he's taking me to dinner. =] =] lol

on the 13th i might be going to a party i was invited to "anti v-day party" lol at a seniors house...well then lol

today i got 3 fish named Kyoke, eichornchen(i-shan-shin), and Tzipora (zi-pora). Kyoke is big with a pretyt tail with blue flecks in it but mostly orange and two day-glo orange ones eichhornchen and Tzipora.
i ♥ my fish! lol

well i don't have much else to say so peace out!
much love
keep writing

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