Monday, March 23, 2009

If you got this txt you know what i mean

here's 2 sorry but i've run out of time

jelousy is an ugly head

My boyfriends Ex (allison) has decided to lie to him to get him to break up with me. she told him that she knows i'm cheating on him....which is totally not true!!! she is a horrible person like not just for this i rele just don't like her. lol
anyway so today i wrote my friend a note totally in spanish a big note too!! :D i love spanish lol only problem was she didn't understand the note haha she's even in spanish class w/ me ^^.
There was a headline close to my home town of woman,50, in critical condition after carjacking and there was a video attached if you'd like to view it here is the link

I'm going to start something new just to spice up my blog called the top 5 stories of the week now there won't be like the most important stories but those i find to be most vital or something like taht (in othere words the interesting ones lol)
so i'll be posting that within the hour

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fire in Crystal

In Crystal city(my hometown) i was driving by and Jades garden was on fire and here are the pictures i took:
No one got hurt but the flames were flaring for a long time and it took four ladder trucks to put it out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


i went to try out for the play and i didn't get ANY part but thats ok i suppose! i'm going to do tech so thats good at least i have something to do!! daniel became grounded because of grades so we won't be doing anything for a while lol haha! he's still talking about going to that seminary seminar thing UGH!
I worked at my schools autction waitressing and it was fun but i was there from 4 -11 PM and UGh i was soo tired and i only got one tip of $1 UGH UGH oh well i still got service hours for school so tahts good i spose!!

thats really all to say

Much love
keep writting

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the up and up (punn intended)'ll see

so last night Daniel came over and i was taking a nap next to him and he says "ya know whats weird is that its impossible to tell if a girl is turned on but its really obvious with a guy and never mind that its totally unrealated well.....(eyes away) not totally unrealated...." OMG lol yes he had become turned on by me taking a NAP!!! lol on v-day when we made out nada but i take a nap and POOF! lol
later today i'm trying out for my school play and i'm nervous!!! idk if i'll make it!! pray for me lol
much love
keep writting

Sunday, March 08, 2009

my weekend again lol

SOO on Thursday first hour like i said i hurt my leg and i didn't go to school on friday and it was soo boring!! lol saturday i went to daniels play and (yes he acts but he has a tendency to over act lol don't tell him) and he was in the dinner party and it was really good!! Today NOTHING! lol this weekend my mom was on a CHRP reatreat and I cleaned the entire time she was gone for a very long time lol! i am slightly OCD lmao!! So thats really all the shallow stuff lol check out the sister blog u know where it is!
much love
keep writting

Friday, March 06, 2009


Yesterday during health my friend was stretching me and my leg made a horrible horrible sound like paper tearing and someone grinding their teeth. long story short i went to the ER and i have a strained muscle and i'm in this imobilizer thing and it SUCKS cuz now i can't go to my friends b-day party =[ sadness! anyhoodle not much else is going on just that and my week has been pretty boring lol but i'm going to start a blog called random daily religious thoughts or something like that and it shall be wonderful!!
much love
keep writting

Monday, March 02, 2009

blown out of proportion

there is a story on Yahoo! ( and it is about rachael ray taking some racy photos and endorsing dunkin donuts (no not in the same time get ur mind out of the gutter lol) and people are acting like she raped a little kid! She simply wanted to make a statement!!! GOOD LORD PEOPLE! lol now that my soap box is done:
Today is me and daniel's 2 month anniversary and that may not seem like a long time and its not but for him its a bit of a big deal. Allow me to explain he has had a few failed relationships (hes been dumped 3 times) and they have hit the 2 month mark then flown down the john sooo he has decided to be intrepid with me (intrepid is the word of the day) and give it the ol' college try lol so i hope that all works out well.
i started a new group on yahoo called no ad blogging and what that means is that you can't just soley post ads like "buy this today!!" its people talking about their lives if you want to join go to and there you go!!
well i have to go i'm at school (but its over so i'm not being illegal =] and my madre is here to ttyl!!
much love
keep writting