Friday, February 27, 2009

my weekend

this weekend has family involved!! eek! lol
im going to my neice's baptism on sunday and i'm taking my boyfriend to meet them! o dear worried! lol idk what to think about that. i just watched the movie nick and nora's infinate playlist and it was the most amazing thing EVER!! lol it was a realy funny movie and yes i know i spealt really wrong but i'm to lazy to fix it lol! soooo saturday i'm not doing anything and i don't want to just have daniel come over like i always do but i'm broke so thats probably whats going to happen. UGH i can't wait until i get a job which idk if thats even going 2 happen cuz they said that they'd call me this week and they didn't soo i may be SOL! ( i gave up cussing for lent) i'm going to call them next week.
thats all i gotta say so ttyl!!
much love
keep writing
P.S. NO ME GUSTA SENORA HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am slightly less pissed

ok so the ass like bf just came over and i told him just how pissed i was and he apologized and he feels bad and all that jazz so idk......THEN i got some interesting info from him....he has decided to attend a seminar on priesthood. yeah priesthood as in celebacy as in no girlfriend as in no ME as in that would SUCK!!!! sooo i hope the seminar is horrible and he changes his mind! its in april so when april comes around ya'll shall be getting a post of slight worry.
on a very exciting note i was nominated for the National YOuth Leadership Forum on Medicine which is a thing that pretty much trains you to become pre-med in a few years and its in CHICAGO!!! funess right
well ttyl i'm gunna go apply for scholarships cuz its $2350 ish

i am slightly pissed!!

right now i am not very happy with a certain boyfriend of mine....ok first a short story...a long time ago (couple years) i was very depressed and cut my wrists.....moving on...daniel also got a speeding ticket if i didn't tell you before and i was like why do you have a need for speed and he said that "i was speeding away from the sharp object on the ground i didn't want you to stop and pick it up"!!!!!?!?!??!???!??!!! @#$!#$@ anyhoo that definately rubbed me the wrong way! u shouldn't joke about my life attempt!!! I am going to talk about it later but i thinki have conveyed my madness at him! am i wrong in being pissed? cuz i am and not just that it makes me think that he doesn't see it as a big thing even though it was to me and still is and no one really takes it seriously.

sorry no love today
keep writting

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok so i have finally found a job that is hiring at Pony Bird and they said they are hiring for summer sooo tomorrow after school i am driving there and then going to apply for a job that is actually HIRING!!!!!!!!! i need the money!!!!!! so on a lighter and kinda funny note...

Today on the way to school i was in the car with Daniel as usual and he usually speeds i'm not gunna lie but this time he got caught and for the first time too! so the officer asks ya know "license and registration" and he finds his license but can't find his registration so there is his first ticket the second one he got was for going 50 in a 40 and we can't find how much he has to pay lol!! so today was his first and second ever tickets!!! i shall never let him forget lol ^^

Saturday i get to meet my onie-chan's new boyfriend and i hear from her that he's cute but not very athletically inclined and the problem with that is we are going to the park to play soccer/basketball and he doesn't know this yet so we'll see how that goes and my friend molly whom i havn't seen in a long time is coming to she's bringing the balls since i couldnt' find any that weren't flat (yes i know "that's what she said").

i'm actually going to go check my bebo for the first time in forever lol!!

much love
keep writing!

Monday, February 16, 2009


#1 Wolf Song
Sing your song

of euphoria and pain

of day and night

and wind and rain all the while head upturned

I want to be like you

care free and singing

wolf song help me


#2 Give up!

I give

up when's it

gonna happen OK

I give in when's

it gonna end

this happiness

Can't last forever

or can it?

Life in question (sorry this will b LONG)

So let me start by saying that my Valentines day was amazing. The details will be posted later but right now lets get deep! First of all I am officially an optimist! today at life teen the focus was "what if Jesus weren't God?" And i have never really thought about it at all. if Jesus wasn't God then i wouldn't be here and you reading this might not be either. Let me elaborate. For me my parents had been trying to have a baby for six and a half years and they were ready to adopt but my dad suggested they pray about it first then they did and mom came to realize that she was 5 months pregnent with me. What does this have to do with Jesus? EVERYTHING! If he hadn't come to be with us two thousand years ago we wouldn't really know to pray for anything so there is the sobering thought of the day!

So next thing, I have a very odd situation on my hands. My boyfriend is asleep in my bed and i'm on the couch. Before you assume what happened let me explain what REALLY happened He is really depressed and he just didn't want to go home (sorry but i don't think i should post details right now.) long story short as i said he's really depressed and probbably shouldn't be alone right now and i'm worried about him.

Happier note!! i have found the lap top i think i'm going to buy with the upcoming summer job money! provided i can get a job in the first place! no one is hiring and its really really discouraging but i don't technically need money so i guess its not that big of a deal but i do NEED a lap top so idk what to do lol anyway...........

OK so my valentines day.....First we went to the zoo (cute right ) and then to the art museam cuz i love love love the modern art there i don't remember the name of my favorite peice but i'll post the pic later. then to dinner at Helen Fitzgeralds which was wonderful then to the mall which was fun i convinced him to try on skinny jeans and he looked so CUTE!! ;]) lol the deal was that if he tried those on i had to try on a mini skirt. now he didn't pick it out but i held it up and said THIS? and he was like ummm YA lol so there was that. then back to my house in which u shall be spared of details lol ;0.
much love
Keep writting

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hey everyone! Happy Valentines day!! The holiday that no one really likes lol! today i'm going to Forest park to take pics (which will later appear on my blog). and then to dinner! but first they didnt' cut my bf's hair last night sooo i get to straghten it!!!!! yay happy day! i'll post pictures lol. sooo (and i know what your responce will be) 2 nights ago my bf told me he loves me! =] happy stuff right! my last bf told me he loved me but i didn't love him so i tried with all of my might not to say "aww what a drag dude" lol no i would NEVER say that!
I don't remember if i said this but i applied for a job at movie gallery! i hope i get it cuz i NEED a lap top and when i say need i MEAN need for school and stuff like that! the one i found is only $400 so i should b able to get that by the end of the summer!! at $7/ hour PT. I also got a photo bucket! i love it its so cool to put my pics on so my friends can look at em and they show up on google!

well thats all for now
ttfn ta ta for now
Much love
keep writting

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Cause

How cool is it that a large company like this would work like this to help a worthy cause.

P.S. I found this on a blog i follow la petite demoiselle.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not much has really happened this week but i'll say all i can. umm. daniel is here right now and he keeps looking over my shoulder like right now. lol he and verena are playing need for speed and doing quite well.........i have a new post on my picture blog please check it out and let me know what you think! thnx for reading!!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some random things about myself

please copy and paste this and do it yourself!

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY1. cass 2.cassie 3. picasso (don't ask)
THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU1. Hieghts2. Bugs3. when certain boyfriends jump from somewhere and scare the crap out of me!!!!!
THREE BAD HABITS1. cursing2. biting my nails. 3.popping my joints
THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS1.cell phone 2. blog 3. e-mail
THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW1. pants 2. shirt 3. another shirt
THREE OF YOUR FAVOURITE BANDS OR ARTISTS1. Family force 5 2. Ludo 3. building rome THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS1. mercy-duffy2. Shut Up and Let Me Go by the Ting Tings3. love addict by family force 5
THREE JOBS YOU'RE CONSIDERING 1. movie gallery2. medicine3. culinary arts
THREE FAVORITE COOKIES1. Chocolate Chip2. Peanut Butter3. Oreo's
THREE FAVORITE DRINKS1. Water2. strawberry daquri (virgin :[) 3. diet coke
THREE BEST FRIENDS1. Kirsten 2. Alex 3.nicole
THREE PLACES YOU'VE BEEN1. a 2. whole lot of 3. nowhere
THREE BOOKS YOU'VE READ1. Twilight Series2. peeps 3. the uglies saga
THREE FAVORITE TV SHOWS1. That 70's Show2. Scrubs3. medium
THREE RANDOM THINGS1. i♥oranges 2. ...dirty mouth? clean it up with orbit...3. hola chico!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentines day....etc

Yesterday after school i went to my friend alex's house and we went bike riding in the park and thus is the basis of my new blog called on god's colorful earth and it showcases all of my wonderful nature pics. then we went to her aunts house which isn't real big but is really modern and gorgeous it had a purple spiral staircase and we went in their hot tub!!! fun stuff my first time in a hot tub lol sad i know but still fun. the next day we went riding in the park again so here we are now.

for valentines day this year i have been informed that i'm going ice skating! =] how cute is that then he's taking me to dinner. =] =] lol

on the 13th i might be going to a party i was invited to "anti v-day party" lol at a seniors house...well then lol

today i got 3 fish named Kyoke, eichornchen(i-shan-shin), and Tzipora (zi-pora). Kyoke is big with a pretyt tail with blue flecks in it but mostly orange and two day-glo orange ones eichhornchen and Tzipora.
i ♥ my fish! lol

well i don't have much else to say so peace out!
much love
keep writing

doesn't this look delicious?

This is the delicious water from West City park in festus from the spicket and its dusgusting

This is the water not settled and next to regular water.....YUMMY

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


ok so let me apologize for the small freakout a couple of blogs ago. well i talked to him and my fears have definately subsided! i feel really stupid lol. one thing i may not have mentioned about him was that he's 18 and hes going to college next year so i wanna hold on to him as long as possible lol.

happier note! my friend who i went to see marley and me with is a cheerleader. (side note: i quit cheerleading i'll explain later) and she is cheering at a game at pius tomorrow and i get to see her cheer i've never seen her cuz she goes to desoto. so yay!!!

tomorrow (during medival days at school) we are playing the game plexi glass which is a peice of plexi glass covered in cool whip and we have to lick it off faster than the other person. how hilarious is that!?! i've never heard of anything like that before........

ok so why i quit cheerleading....1. bad grades cuz i didn't have time for homework
2. the coaches are so horrible!!! we would practice a brand new stunt 1 hour before the game and then do it and it is so dangerous cuz one..a few times we dropped the girl in front of everybody.
3. they let karissa stunt with a hurt elbow and they should've told her not to not asked her if she could!!!!!
4. i wasn't really enjoying it anymore..there was just soooo much of it!!!!!!

well thats all i have to say so
much love
keep writing

Sunday, February 01, 2009

marley and me

Yesterday i went to the movies with my friend kirsten who is like my best friend and we saw marley and me...i didn't think it was going to be that good but it was really good and i cried so much at the end lol kirsten was laughing at me

ok so sypnosis of the movie:

It goes through the life of marley (named after bob marley) and his family (owen wilson and jennifer anniston) and it was an amazing movie you really felt as if wilson and anniston were married and really going through everything in this movie!

GO SEE IT! (bring tissues!!!)