Monday, March 02, 2009

blown out of proportion

there is a story on Yahoo! ( and it is about rachael ray taking some racy photos and endorsing dunkin donuts (no not in the same time get ur mind out of the gutter lol) and people are acting like she raped a little kid! She simply wanted to make a statement!!! GOOD LORD PEOPLE! lol now that my soap box is done:
Today is me and daniel's 2 month anniversary and that may not seem like a long time and its not but for him its a bit of a big deal. Allow me to explain he has had a few failed relationships (hes been dumped 3 times) and they have hit the 2 month mark then flown down the john sooo he has decided to be intrepid with me (intrepid is the word of the day) and give it the ol' college try lol so i hope that all works out well.
i started a new group on yahoo called no ad blogging and what that means is that you can't just soley post ads like "buy this today!!" its people talking about their lives if you want to join go to and there you go!!
well i have to go i'm at school (but its over so i'm not being illegal =] and my madre is here to ttyl!!
much love
keep writting

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