Monday, February 16, 2009

Life in question (sorry this will b LONG)

So let me start by saying that my Valentines day was amazing. The details will be posted later but right now lets get deep! First of all I am officially an optimist! today at life teen the focus was "what if Jesus weren't God?" And i have never really thought about it at all. if Jesus wasn't God then i wouldn't be here and you reading this might not be either. Let me elaborate. For me my parents had been trying to have a baby for six and a half years and they were ready to adopt but my dad suggested they pray about it first then they did and mom came to realize that she was 5 months pregnent with me. What does this have to do with Jesus? EVERYTHING! If he hadn't come to be with us two thousand years ago we wouldn't really know to pray for anything so there is the sobering thought of the day!

So next thing, I have a very odd situation on my hands. My boyfriend is asleep in my bed and i'm on the couch. Before you assume what happened let me explain what REALLY happened He is really depressed and he just didn't want to go home (sorry but i don't think i should post details right now.) long story short as i said he's really depressed and probbably shouldn't be alone right now and i'm worried about him.

Happier note!! i have found the lap top i think i'm going to buy with the upcoming summer job money! provided i can get a job in the first place! no one is hiring and its really really discouraging but i don't technically need money so i guess its not that big of a deal but i do NEED a lap top so idk what to do lol anyway...........

OK so my valentines day.....First we went to the zoo (cute right ) and then to the art museam cuz i love love love the modern art there i don't remember the name of my favorite peice but i'll post the pic later. then to dinner at Helen Fitzgeralds which was wonderful then to the mall which was fun i convinced him to try on skinny jeans and he looked so CUTE!! ;]) lol the deal was that if he tried those on i had to try on a mini skirt. now he didn't pick it out but i held it up and said THIS? and he was like ummm YA lol so there was that. then back to my house in which u shall be spared of details lol ;0.
much love
Keep writting

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  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday ;) Good for you!