Friday, January 09, 2009

The past two days

The first cheerleading basketball game was very good the Varsity team won! 49-40! i have pics but they arn't on the computer yet sorry! anyway the past two days were farely uneventful but this weekend is quite eventful. i am going to hang out with daniel sometime after 12 and then to a dance with him. Then sunday guess who i'm with ;D daniel is bowling with his league and then we're going to lifeteen then life night then nothing exciting but the next week i have a game, practice, and then another 2 games! UGH! pray for me lol! we are starting to stunt more in cheerleading now which is really good.

We are having a 'think pink' game that benifits breast cancer research so if you are in the area its at my school at 7 tickets are 3 for adults and 1 for students!

Well thats all the excitement in my life so i'll blog later probably not til monday but i'll ttyl

Keep writing
much love

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