Wednesday, February 04, 2009


ok so let me apologize for the small freakout a couple of blogs ago. well i talked to him and my fears have definately subsided! i feel really stupid lol. one thing i may not have mentioned about him was that he's 18 and hes going to college next year so i wanna hold on to him as long as possible lol.

happier note! my friend who i went to see marley and me with is a cheerleader. (side note: i quit cheerleading i'll explain later) and she is cheering at a game at pius tomorrow and i get to see her cheer i've never seen her cuz she goes to desoto. so yay!!!

tomorrow (during medival days at school) we are playing the game plexi glass which is a peice of plexi glass covered in cool whip and we have to lick it off faster than the other person. how hilarious is that!?! i've never heard of anything like that before........

ok so why i quit cheerleading....1. bad grades cuz i didn't have time for homework
2. the coaches are so horrible!!! we would practice a brand new stunt 1 hour before the game and then do it and it is so dangerous cuz one..a few times we dropped the girl in front of everybody.
3. they let karissa stunt with a hurt elbow and they should've told her not to not asked her if she could!!!!!
4. i wasn't really enjoying it anymore..there was just soooo much of it!!!!!!

well thats all i have to say so
much love
keep writing


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  2. thanks so much i have been looking FOREVER!!

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