Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sorry i havn't written in a while but i havn't had time! let me tell you about my week starting Tuesday!

On tuesday i had a game and didn't get home from school at 9 never going home in between i also did the same that thursday and Friday!! UGH! i am so tired right now!

Last Saturday i spent the night at my friend Alex's house and we played cherades and Wii and stuff like that lol nerds i know! but idc lol! Then after that i went to the bowling alley to watch daniel bowl and then to the wal-mart parking lot to think of where to go. So daniel started just driving up 61-67 and we decided to go to the mall! I convinced Daniel to go to spencer's by promising him we wouldn't go to the back of the store but we did anyway cuz it seemed safe cuz of the cute hats and stuff but NOO! i found penis lollypops! nice right veryyyyy odd! lol my favorite was the can condoms....first let me explain that do you know those can holders the keep your hands warm and the drink cold..well they had some that looked like condoms roll on and off lol! i wanted to buy some but they were like $10. but i did have a gift card to forever 21 but we went to the one mall in the entire world that doesn't have a forever 21 lol! oh well i'm going to go look for a coat on their website later....anway after taht we went to lifeteen and then daniel's friend danny called and said that his girlfriend who is prego was bleeding a lot and they were in the ER so we went up there to visit them THEN he went back to life teen then took me home!
Then Monday we drove to Illinois to pick up his dad then to cape to drop his sister off and dinner then HOME!! This weekend i want to do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
on that note off to forever 21 i go!!
keep writing
much love
P.S this week daniel is on a pro-life trip so i won't see him till monday =[ *i'll miss you!*

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