Tuesday, January 06, 2009

=] =] =] =]!! cont'd

ok so back from dinner.......
since i last posted I have started a new blog at http://blogpurpose.blogspot.com called blogging with a purpose which i hope goes over well because i have been looking for a blog like this for a while and i figured huh why not make one!
so continuing the last post i wrote daniel and me walked out to his car and i gave him a small kiss goodbye but he really kissed me after that and i to be honest didn't think he was gunna b a good kisser but umm i was wrong! very wrong lol! and he just makes me soo happy all the time! with my last three romantic involvements (they were'nt all relationshi's lol) i felt with one good wen i was with him but bad when i was away about him and the reverse for the other two. but with daniel i feel great about him both times! i think this could go well! my first enjoyable boyfriend lol!
well i'm going to facebook now

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