Saturday, January 31, 2009

i want input on this one :-l

Ok here is my predicament so my boyfriend has a hairy past with his ex whom he has gone out with twice and often when we talk he tells me about how allison his ex did this too or he did this with allison or for v-day he got her this...and when someone asked him if he would go out with her again he said obviously not now...Do you think he still has feelings for her? cuz she broke up with im both times...I'm going to ask him next time i get the chance but i want to get input first. if he still likes her i am swearing off guys cuz every guy that i have gone out with has been a horn dog,freak,or bastard but this time i think it might be different and he has make me believe in guys again because i must have some God awful taste in guys...i'm really worried!

please comment i need help...why would he always talk about her if he didn't still like her. and he never says that he doesn't like her anymore he just says that he can't go back out with her now...are my worries legit or not?

thanks and i love you

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  1. Honey you are only 15... believe me... you have PLENTY of time to worry about it! And besides... you will date PLENTY of men after him!