Wednesday, January 07, 2009

amazingly...happy =]

Hey everyone! my day today was wonderful actually! I started with religion and that class is really easy! but i have homework in it that i forgot about and left it there! oops but thats ok cuz i can do it in homeroom lol! After school however daniel came over and....wait i'm getting ahead of myself! After school daniel picked me up in his car and we drove to the top of this hill with a beautiful sunset and the lights of the whole city and he asked me to go out with him so i believe i can officially say he's my boyfriend =] happy day! anway continuing on after school daniel came over and he was really tired cuz he only had 2 hours of sleep last night! poor thing! and we watched scrubs on the couch!

i just realized that all i talk about is daniel so here goes more info! lol! in case i didn't say anything about it i am a cheerleader and i have two games this week one tomorrow and one on friday the one tomorrow is girls and friday is boys yeah we cheer for the girls weird right?!? well i thought i'll try to post pictures if my 'rents' take any....we are doing a really cool lift too that game so maybe i can get a pic of that too! GO LANCERS!

Wellllll....all i can say is check out my new blog and.....
keep writing
much love

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