Thursday, January 01, 2009

can't sleep!!

ok so its like 3 AM and i can't sleep i dunno why i just can't which sucks cuz i'm really tired and for some reason i can't fall asleep....AND i have to wake up at eight o' clock to go to church at eight thirty which isn't that big of a deal but now i don't think i'll be able to sleep at all! ugh! ok so this is pretty much how my new years went down...right now i'm at my friend julia's and i'm trying to sleep (for the past 2 or 3 hours) and we watched the ball drop as usual while the "adults" went downstairs played texas hold em' and got rip roaring drunk i assume lol seeing as many of them came up carrying multiple glasses lol....hmm. anyway so first this morning i woke up at 8 ish because we had to take V to b-ball at nine thirty ish and that gave me enough time to do what i needed to do. then i went at twelve to my friend Alex's house where we pretty much hung out and played mario kart (and I WON ONE!! i never win!!) until four when we went to go see yes,man. that was such a good movie, in case you didn't know(all three of my readers whom i thank for reading) its about a guy who has pledged to say yes to everythign or he believes that terrible things will keep happening so...there are many hilarious senarios and he ends up in bed with someone who has to put her teeth in a jar.....i shudder in recolection lol....and all in all its a good movie.....well hope you had a good new years...I'd love to hear about it! o FYI about that "friend" of mine whom i was told has a certain interest i me called today to ask me out to the movies but i wasn't home!! how sad!! my mom told me....kinda embarassing for him to tell her but oh well at least she told me even though he told her not to lol...♥ her for that lol....
KeEp WrItInG
MuCh LoVe


  1. LOL! That is a lot of info to take it! I want to watch the Yes,Man movie! I just LOVE Jim Carey as and actor. My new years kinda sucked but kinda didn't... Woke the wife up at like 10:45pm watched the ball drop at midnight, got my new years kiss and cleaned the house til 4am went to sleep and woke up at 8 to go shopping and that's about it! :)

  2. yeah sorry when i'm tired i tend to babble obviously lol