Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok so i have finally found a job that is hiring at Pony Bird and they said they are hiring for summer sooo tomorrow after school i am driving there and then going to apply for a job that is actually HIRING!!!!!!!!! i need the money!!!!!! so on a lighter and kinda funny note...

Today on the way to school i was in the car with Daniel as usual and he usually speeds i'm not gunna lie but this time he got caught and for the first time too! so the officer asks ya know "license and registration" and he finds his license but can't find his registration so there is his first ticket the second one he got was for going 50 in a 40 and we can't find how much he has to pay lol!! so today was his first and second ever tickets!!! i shall never let him forget lol ^^

Saturday i get to meet my onie-chan's new boyfriend and i hear from her that he's cute but not very athletically inclined and the problem with that is we are going to the park to play soccer/basketball and he doesn't know this yet so we'll see how that goes and my friend molly whom i havn't seen in a long time is coming to she's bringing the balls since i couldnt' find any that weren't flat (yes i know "that's what she said").

i'm actually going to go check my bebo for the first time in forever lol!!

much love
keep writing!

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