Tuesday, December 30, 2008


You bring out
the best in me
smiles laughter
though i've been sad all along
my heart's been tricked
but you'll be the one
to put me back together again


Here comes the beat
pounding and long
here comes the beat
hearty and strong
give me the courage to

New Years

ok so new year's eve is tomorrow and i am trying to think of a new years resolution and i have a at least top 3
1.) be a better girlfriend (since my sis has given me that chance ;D)
2.)lose 20 lbs
3.) be more outgoing/less shy
I want to hear what your new years resolution is/are i love to hear them. so there's the blogging question of the week....i love to hear peoples answers to really random yet somewhat deep questions.
now let me better explain resolution #1. ok there's this guy who has been my friend for a while and my wonderful sister has officially hooked me up with him and well he doesnt know that she told me so shh...lol anyway so she told him that he should ask me to the movies cuz he told her that he liked me and guess what?!? he said he's going to, but with only one catch.....V and her "friend" Mike go with us but that should be fun cuz i have a creeping huntch about them...../=l...lol in case u can't tell the smily has one eyebrow raised lol... ok well more poetry to come
~*~Keep Writing~*~
*~* Much Love*~*

War and peace

killing screaming scaring
give peace a chance
loving caring talking
blissful wonderful

Monday, December 29, 2008


ok first of all the concert was AMAZING!!!!!! second of all it wasn't just ludo like i thought it was, Oh my god,building rome,family force 5(my new fave),AND ludo. how cool is that?!? four bands for the price of one!! attached are pics of either the bands or signs for them so u can see them (FF5!!!). ludo was really good and they sound great live but they were'nt as good as FF5<--they were really energetic and they danced and (the lead was gorgeous lol but thats not the point) they screamed and they sing the song love addict which is like my favorite song so thats pretty amazing. the only bad thing about the concert was that there was a guy literally 4 inches from my face and a very large individual next to me whom kept me from turning around to talk to my "sis" (f.y.i when i say sis she isn't literally my sis she is my foreign exchange student, V) lol but the concert was great. Oh my god was really weird though there was this guy who came out in really short shorts (ewwww) and ugh! building rome was really GOOD , FF5 was AMAZING like i said and ludo was really GOOD too!! and it was a christmas concert so at the end we sang christmas carols with ludo and santa lol. and i got a ludo sticker and poster so all is well lol
~*kEeP wRiTiN'*~
*~MuCh LoVe~*
P.S i will be writing new poetry for you shortly

Sunday, December 28, 2008

what is....

unknown love
hidden forever
in the throws of friendship
always tethered
i'll never know
if he's for me
or if we'll stand still for all time
i just can't see
you and me
dancing the waltz that matters
help me to see
help me to know
what i already know

fears at bay

blissfully at peace
all my fears at bay
i know you'll make me alright
only this to my dismay
is the want for you, the fight
this i know that one day
you'll make me un-jaded
no longer mundane
i know you, i see you
it won't be long now
and i wish that together we could be
forever blissfully at peace

stars at night

Stars at night
always shine bright
and always remind me of you
twinkling stars
i see from afar
as i smile to the source
i know in my heart and
i know of course
that it all will turn out alright.

1st blog on blogger! :D

ok so this is my first official blog on this site and i'm going to introduce myself.
my name is cassie im 15 and go to st.pius high school in festus. and i am a usually happy person. my favorite band is LUDO whom i'm going to go see this sunday and i will of course post photos from the concert! so i am also a compulsive blogger and i love to post my most recent poetry on my blog so i love comments and would love to know what you think of them! i love rock music especially heavy metal but i also enjoy some pop and hip-hop it depends on who it is. i DON"T like brittany spears!!!!!!!!!!!! she is the devil incarnate lol jk. so shortly i will be posting some poems please comment!!