Monday, February 23, 2009

i am slightly pissed!!

right now i am not very happy with a certain boyfriend of mine....ok first a short story...a long time ago (couple years) i was very depressed and cut my wrists.....moving on...daniel also got a speeding ticket if i didn't tell you before and i was like why do you have a need for speed and he said that "i was speeding away from the sharp object on the ground i didn't want you to stop and pick it up"!!!!!?!?!??!???!??!!! @#$!#$@ anyhoo that definately rubbed me the wrong way! u shouldn't joke about my life attempt!!! I am going to talk about it later but i thinki have conveyed my madness at him! am i wrong in being pissed? cuz i am and not just that it makes me think that he doesn't see it as a big thing even though it was to me and still is and no one really takes it seriously.

sorry no love today
keep writting

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