Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some random things about myself

please copy and paste this and do it yourself!

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY1. cass 2.cassie 3. picasso (don't ask)
THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU1. Hieghts2. Bugs3. when certain boyfriends jump from somewhere and scare the crap out of me!!!!!
THREE BAD HABITS1. cursing2. biting my nails. 3.popping my joints
THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS1.cell phone 2. blog 3. e-mail
THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW1. pants 2. shirt 3. another shirt
THREE OF YOUR FAVOURITE BANDS OR ARTISTS1. Family force 5 2. Ludo 3. building rome THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS1. mercy-duffy2. Shut Up and Let Me Go by the Ting Tings3. love addict by family force 5
THREE JOBS YOU'RE CONSIDERING 1. movie gallery2. medicine3. culinary arts
THREE FAVORITE COOKIES1. Chocolate Chip2. Peanut Butter3. Oreo's
THREE FAVORITE DRINKS1. Water2. strawberry daquri (virgin :[) 3. diet coke
THREE BEST FRIENDS1. Kirsten 2. Alex 3.nicole
THREE PLACES YOU'VE BEEN1. a 2. whole lot of 3. nowhere
THREE BOOKS YOU'VE READ1. Twilight Series2. peeps 3. the uglies saga
THREE FAVORITE TV SHOWS1. That 70's Show2. Scrubs3. medium
THREE RANDOM THINGS1. i♥oranges 2. ...dirty mouth? clean it up with orbit...3. hola chico!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing some random facts about you!