Monday, January 05, 2009

"bowling" with Germans.......impatient Germans

Hey everybody!!! Yesterday my i don't know what to call him.....came over and he took me and V to the bowling alley and we thought WE would be bowling with him. Then in the car on the way there he told us that he was in a league and we'd watch him bowl. I was ok with that i'm a patient person but V is NOT! she was P****D beyond belief cuz she really didn't wanna wait for him to finish bowling.! SO we went across the street, no the HIGHWAY to shop n' save so she could get a rockstar energy drink! she was convinced that we were going to die lol! so anyway after that we came back to the bowling alley and they were almost done so i was like ok she'll be fine now.....NOPE she was still seething! =] but she's over it now cuz we went to bread co which cooled the anger. Then we went to LifeTeen mass and LifeNight which was fun! (look it up! lol)and i am now going to a dance this Saturday with Daniel (the guy i've been talking about for a while lol i say his name cuz he isn't quite my Boyfriend yet UGH IDK) and anyway that should be fun and like i was attempting to say earlier before my ADD kicked in haha =] after LifeNight he came back to my house and we watched a movie in my room and pretty much just cuddled on my bed until 11pm haha! and later V told me that he told her that he tried to kiss me but i didn't want to. Ok first of all not true i was TIRED and very UNOBSERVANT so there ya go! if he wanted to kiss me he should've just KISSED me and wa la! lol so enough of my rambling lol! sorry no new poems yet but i'm working on a song if i figure out how i'll post an audio clip.
KeEp WrItTiNg
MuCh LoVe

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