Friday, January 30, 2009

Life lately

i have learned that not having internet SUCKS lol we didn't have it for a while and i couldn't blog or check e-mail or nothing!!
lol anyway i digress

ok so my schedule has been really hectic lately i am barely ever home but this week i didn't have any cheerleading at all so that was really nice. next year i am NOT cheering i just don't have time but maybe i'll do tech crew that would be fun lots of my friends do that too! a +!

So i hadn't seen daniel in 1 week because he went on the pro life trip and then it snowed so i didn't get to see him! =[ how very sad! lol

so he came over last night and it was fun we went out for chinese and i havn't had chinese in SOOO long!!! how sad

i'll blog more later but right now i have to go

love you all

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