Friday, January 02, 2009

a hopefully shorter post.......sorry lol

ok so i apologize for the really really long post but when i'm tired i babble really bad obviously lol
this is me and the below mentioned guy in his car...............------------------------>

Tonight i went on a date with the below mentioned guy and we saw bedtime stories. it was really good....AND in the car on the way home he asked me to go out with him! happy stuff right! ok so then we went to our friends house and we played texas hold em' and I WON!!! i was so excited i won with a pair of two's lol funny stuff right and everyone! was all in hahahah ahh the stuff dreams are made of lol jk

my official family movie pic is bedtime stories Adam sandler is really funny but not in his usual crude element so he, as you can tell, is REALLY holding back but overall everyone's performance was really good.
KeEp WrItInG
MuCh LoVe

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