Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey there so i kind of left you hanging as to why me and daniel broke up......
He wanted a serious relationship and i didn't i mean for God's sake i'm only 15 i understand that he's 3 years older than me but these three years apparently make a difference. Let me also get something straight HE broke up with ME he didn't think it could be saved which of course i agreed with but i was happy with just living in the now and not really caring but hey whatever floats your boat i guess...........oh well! he isn't doing very well emotionally he sent a wall post to his friend and said that he still wasn't really hapy yet but i have a feeling he'll cope!
so there is this guy who has a thing for me at school and his name's Josh but he is a total PERV he is a senior who always looks at my boobs when he talks to me EW!! and on top of all that he's not even good looking! WTF! So today he says "ya know we can't date" i said "never even crossed my mind *insert eye roll here*" and he says "well thats good cuz i always date daniel's exes and it never goes well so.." and here is where i attempt to show him all my distaste for the idea of dating him by every means necessary cept' for telling him haha!!
wellllll.......gtg I shall go and update my website with most likely this blog!
Much love
keep writting
Lord Cassifrass!!!

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