Monday, March 23, 2009

jelousy is an ugly head

My boyfriends Ex (allison) has decided to lie to him to get him to break up with me. she told him that she knows i'm cheating on him....which is totally not true!!! she is a horrible person like not just for this i rele just don't like her. lol
anyway so today i wrote my friend a note totally in spanish a big note too!! :D i love spanish lol only problem was she didn't understand the note haha she's even in spanish class w/ me ^^.
There was a headline close to my home town of woman,50, in critical condition after carjacking and there was a video attached if you'd like to view it here is the link

I'm going to start something new just to spice up my blog called the top 5 stories of the week now there won't be like the most important stories but those i find to be most vital or something like taht (in othere words the interesting ones lol)
so i'll be posting that within the hour

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