Monday, February 23, 2009

I am slightly less pissed

ok so the ass like bf just came over and i told him just how pissed i was and he apologized and he feels bad and all that jazz so idk......THEN i got some interesting info from him....he has decided to attend a seminar on priesthood. yeah priesthood as in celebacy as in no girlfriend as in no ME as in that would SUCK!!!! sooo i hope the seminar is horrible and he changes his mind! its in april so when april comes around ya'll shall be getting a post of slight worry.
on a very exciting note i was nominated for the National YOuth Leadership Forum on Medicine which is a thing that pretty much trains you to become pre-med in a few years and its in CHICAGO!!! funess right
well ttyl i'm gunna go apply for scholarships cuz its $2350 ish

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