Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hey everyone! Happy Valentines day!! The holiday that no one really likes lol! today i'm going to Forest park to take pics (which will later appear on my blog). and then to dinner! but first they didnt' cut my bf's hair last night sooo i get to straghten it!!!!! yay happy day! i'll post pictures lol. sooo (and i know what your responce will be) 2 nights ago my bf told me he loves me! =] happy stuff right! my last bf told me he loved me but i didn't love him so i tried with all of my might not to say "aww what a drag dude" lol no i would NEVER say that!
I don't remember if i said this but i applied for a job at movie gallery! i hope i get it cuz i NEED a lap top and when i say need i MEAN need for school and stuff like that! the one i found is only $400 so i should b able to get that by the end of the summer!! at $7/ hour PT. I also got a photo bucket! i love it its so cool to put my pics on so my friends can look at em and they show up on google!

well thats all for now
ttfn ta ta for now
Much love
keep writting

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