Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years

ok so new year's eve is tomorrow and i am trying to think of a new years resolution and i have a at least top 3
1.) be a better girlfriend (since my sis has given me that chance ;D)
2.)lose 20 lbs
3.) be more outgoing/less shy
I want to hear what your new years resolution is/are i love to hear them. so there's the blogging question of the week....i love to hear peoples answers to really random yet somewhat deep questions.
now let me better explain resolution #1. ok there's this guy who has been my friend for a while and my wonderful sister has officially hooked me up with him and well he doesnt know that she told me so shh...lol anyway so she told him that he should ask me to the movies cuz he told her that he liked me and guess what?!? he said he's going to, but with only one catch.....V and her "friend" Mike go with us but that should be fun cuz i have a creeping huntch about them...../=l...lol in case u can't tell the smily has one eyebrow raised lol... ok well more poetry to come
~*~Keep Writing~*~
*~* Much Love*~*


  1. My resolutions are; 1) focus on college, 2) focus on more family time 3) Pursue my love of writing 4) Devote time to writing children stories with my 6 year old daughter.

    Good luck at the movies ;-)

  2. This year, I haven't even thought about resolutions. LOL But I want to continue working out at least 5 days a week. I guess I just want to continue what I am doing. :)

  3. lol i understand just thought i'd do something special to change the outcome of my life as it is